Announcement of Candidacy – Skip Belt

Why M. E. “Skip” Belt should be elected County Attorney of Fort Bend County

  1. I am a seasoned and competent attorney. Graduated from University of Texas Law School in 1970. For most of these 41 years I have been an independent attorney, but I also have been vice president, general counsel of companies in the oil drilling and exploration. I served as President of the Fort Bend Bar Association. Prior to my career in law I was in international banking in New York City, Venezuela, and Houston. I graduated from the University of Texas Institute of Latin American Studies in 1964.  I am bilingual English/Spanish.
  1. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Judy Belt for 49 years. Three children, and 9 grandchildren. I am a fifth generation native Texan and have lived in Fort Bend County since 1976. Many people know me through my leadership in youth soccer which continues today. Many others know me through my wife who is also very active in community affairs.
  1. I served on the Missouri City City Council for two terms during the early expansion in 1980-84 which put in place the principal ordinances and land planning and parks that has shaped this city. I still serve on the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone #1 that has been largely responsible for drainage improvements, sidewalks and beautification of the city.
  1. I am a strong and loyal Democrat. I feel I am liked and respected by many Republicans and Independents in and out of office, because I am pragmatic and fair in my approach. Still I am not a part of the good ol’ boy network in the County which persists because the Republican Party has controlled Fort Bend County for the past 30 years and incumbents are secure and not credibly challenged.
  1. The County has grown and changed. People are beginning to realize that they can make a beneficial difference with their vote and their voice. Candidates for public office should be judged on their own merits and their approach to solving and managing the administration of Fort Bend County regardless of party affiliation. I have the experience, ability and temperament to make a positive impact as County Attorney of Fort Bend County.

M. E. “Skip” Belt   281-650-2751,

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